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I useful to work at your BMW dealership with SF I worked during the service department. Someday, this heavyset woman from a comes in too much barking out that the lady needs new auto tires. I took many of our shitty Foldgers, added some almost expired milk and informed her it was a cappuccino. I then simply proceeded to enhance her, saying I smelled McRibs on her behalf, and that we LOVED the McRib. And also best part? I had boiled rice recipes boiled rice recipes her to spend $ for implemented tires!! Took me minutes!! I wish someone would inform me that As i smelled like McRibs... grateful lady. just throwin your own bed and bask on it's glory some people choose to sleepyour scent is definitely Eau de Cigarette No. you comprehend, it's funny the correct way some smokers smell ok as well as others s snow boarding illinois snow boarding illinois mell like used up farts. I wonder the key reason why that happens- You should buy some MCD... I acquired at $ around October - at this moment $ + some sort of dividend every days... It seems a bit pricey to me now. It was the best performer in that Dow in... and almost % within their business in internationally. Will likely often be a $ stock by means of year's end. talking about dealerships, in it new economy I've notice its service prices attended WAY down It's actually cheaper to use a dealership now compared with my local auto technician. Of course any dealership has admittance to huge a line of credit to le wholesale skate boards wholesale skate boards nd towards customers, surfer network player surfer network player which my local mechanic does not need.

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thought police on hand by or through? according to a young anon troll right here - kitchen interior decorating kitchen interior decorating - thought police are essential to stop discussions and obtain people banned regarding thoughts. oh stfu could ya? you needs to be on medsmerced is for you to? hahahaha d still verifying who the anon is normally. she is so nuts completely funny. you should really hookup with merced watch, you have taught people how to post idiotiy about news.

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German Greyhound and tagging teritory I have a year old male Italian Greyhound which has had a problem with tagging. I also ownother small dogs their home and we have no problem with them. The greyhound have been fixed which is crate trained. He still sneeks of to mark whenever you are home. I have tried out training with moustraps as well as he just goes to another location to mark many experts have years of dayly cleaning and it is time to find aid in this problem or relieve dog. Any help is going to be apreciated. Thank anyone Sam -***Training with the help of mousetraps? can you explain that any particular one, never heard of by using a mousetrap to perfect marking behavior. I've aware of it but it isn't really a good training technique. obviously funny clean commercials funny clean commercials not that the dog is always marking! LOL.

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Destination, County, State positions question for Ca Does the location, state and local governments in Some states offer reciprocity in relation to their respective retirement designs? For example, any time you work for metropolis of San Francisco for decades, and you receive a job with New york County, does you service bridge in the other government entity? Or if you improve LA County for time, can you transport to Orange Regional, Riverside County or Hillcrest County and keep on accumulating service consumer credit rating? I offer these locations to illustrate this , only, is now there some website in which any reciprocity agreements are explained designed for government/public service opportunities in California? Resolution I've never previously worked in California, but if at all like other says, which I would realize its, then the solution is yes. Any time you worked for the county, and therefore system of the state retirement model, then you worked for that city, the time you already given to the state type of pension system through ones own county job will transfer up to the time you devote through your urban center job. (It doesn't necessarily be County to Regional jobs, City that will City jobs, and so.; it can become any public bureaus, even - and I'm can bet of this : public schools/universities. ) But, if there's an opening between public opportunities, your past service may very well be eliminated after a clear time period (certain period of time, from what I know) and after that you might need to start over again to accumulate the years you must be vested. (The money this is already put inside the retirement systm can either maintain the retirement system with the time they help, or you can for a refund which includes a penalty fee, or you are able to transfer it up to another retirement create funding for (like an IRA) - that is up to ) Anyway, I'm speaking from my comprehension of other states, which means, of course, you should see the CA scottish fold cats scottish fold cats State Retirement System to make sure these recommendations also apply with your state. /.

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good job Jeff handling this scum today you're really showing your cool in spite of the hate posts. my opinion of you has changed for the better.hahaha Jeff in grey for sure!!!sorry, nope Okay, replace CO with UT in my previous postsOkay, replace CO with UT in my previous postscrazee unchained...the voice of reason^the voice of talking to himself to save face What a f..kThe Easter Bunny will pray for you.OP makes the Baby Jesus cry. Why do foreigners who want to trade Aussie dollars to fund a pedotourist visit to Thailand hate the Baby Jesus? more days until the US defaults on debtCongress Enjoys Making People Worry, they can Flip the Money switch at any Time! They did it Months(?) ado when they raised the Debt Limit(New Bankruptcy) Limit! Why can't all jobs be as easy as stuff like this pointsshop is a place that you earn points to spend on amazon products. It doesn't cost a penny and you don't need a debt or credit card. Like i said it's % free! :] Please defeat the Chambliss bill We must stop this madness. The unemployment rate among IT people in the bay area is fast approaching %.Join washtech join any other labor unions you see fitting, too. D Senior Game Artist I'm looking to apply for this position: I have extensive Flash experience as a UX designer but have never worked in the game industry. Does anyone know if it is much of a jump from UX to games? Help please? I just got axed from my job as a lumberjack because they said I couldn't hack it. Shit, Man. Now what? I've heard that gardners rake it in. Or I could give doctoring a shot, I've got lot's of patience. Screw sympathy This is a vent on how worthless my + years in the same industry feels. I spent years in the same job before I slapped myself in dick and tried to step out on my own at the exact wrong moment in time.

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